Should I keep settled funds on Whalestack?

Yes and no. Your funds on Whalestack are stored in custodial wallets on the Stellar Network. Private keys are stored encrypted on a distributed system and secured by multi-signature authorization. Since the platform is a custodial solution, which offers many benefits (such as ease of user experience and speed of service) you don't get access to the private key.

There are just as many reasons for Whalestack to offer a custodial service as there are reasons for you to own your private key. Most importantly: if you don't own the private key you're not fully in control of the security of your funds. While Whalestack does its best to protect and secure your funds, such as the implementation of strong encryption, multi-signature and security audits by third party white-hat enterprises you might want to automatically withdraw funds deposited by your customers to your own infrastructure or wallet.

You can find a list of documents to get you started in setting up your own wallet for the Bitcoin, Stellar Network, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin blockchains below.

Last Update: Oct 2, 2023