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Re-define the way you utilize cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in a unified multi-currency wallet

Seamlessly manage crypto assets and payment requirements through a unified wallet, effortlessly bridging cryptocurrency wallets and traditional bank accounts.

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Commercial Benefits

Unlock the single unified wallet to manage your crypto assets and payment needs across wallets and bank accounts

Integrate Whalestack's blockchain wallets, and you can easily manage your cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and stablecoins. Broaden your financial horizons with seamless swaps between different digital assets. Furthermore, enhance your personal finance by connecting your bank accounts to Whalestack, enabling a smooth bridge between traditional and digital financial worlds.

Pay Online and Offline

Safely conduct transactions online and offline at web shops or physical stores embracing cryptocurrency payment methods, and enjoy the benefits of effortless, seamless, and efficient payment processes.

Send And Receive Crypto

Send cryptocurrencies to friends, family, or any recipient with a crypto wallet or bank account. Whalestack ensures universal compatibility by allowing transfers to any crypto exchange, hot or cold wallet, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Sell Goods and Services

Sell items or offer services and receive payments. Cryptocurrencies and stablecoins are a safe and convenient way to get paid for sales on auction sites, classifieds portals, or invoices related to freelance activities.

Make International Payments

Simplify global financial transactions with Whalestack's streamlined platform, allowing you to effortlessly send instant and cost-effective international payments in stablecoins and cryptocurrencies to wallets and bank accounts.

Product Benefits

Explore how Whalestack can help you achieve your financial goals effortlessly

Bridge Banking Gaps

Connect SWIFT, SEPA, and other bank accounts directly to diverse blockchain platforms, ensuring smooth financial transactions.

Manage Assets Actively

Swiftly transition between cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat currencies, enabling real-time responses to market shifts.

Embrace Instant Payments

Speed is king at the checkout. Seamless realtime processing with Lightning and stablecoins. Bitcoin with just two confirmations ensures optimal speed and reliability.

Enjoy Speed And Low Fees

Unlock swift and cost-efficient transactions across payment networks, ensuring instantaneous benefits for your finances.

Assets and Networks

Integrate the most relevant, trusted, and robust crypto and stablecoin assets. Effortlessly exchange and transfer from and to your bank accounts

Crypto Assets
Bitcoin Bitcoin Lightning Lightning Sats Litecoin Litecoin Stellar Lumens Stellar Lumens
Bank Networks
BTC Bitcoin Lightning Lightning Litecoin Litecoin Stellar Stellar Network Ethereum Ethereum
List Assets

Key Benefits

Capitalize on the advantages of the Whalestack payment solution

Integrate our crypto payment gateway to expand your customer base and increase revenue. Optimize conversion rates, boost shopping cart values, and enhance profit margins with innovative payment methods. Enjoy global reach and multilingual support, providing a user-friendly shopping experience.

Compliant Accounting

Benefit from exportable financial reports and accurate recording of cryptocurrency transactions in your base currency for enhanced financial transparency.

Risk Protection

Eliminate chargebacks entirely and profit from robust measures to shield your enterprise from the inherent fluctuations in cryptocurrency values, thereby ensuring an effective mitigation of financial risks.

Built-in Automation

Automate with webhooks and programmatically trigger actions based on lifecycle events like checkouts, deposits, transfers, swaps, and refunds.

Auditable Transactions

Efficiently gather and securely retain payment information across various payment methods, with the capability to seamlessly export this data at your convenience.

Find out how Whalestack can help your business drive more revenue and increase your bottom line.

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Empower your business with a comprehensive toolkit for every payment need, merging traditional and blockchain transactions


Integrate fully customizable cryptocurrency and stablecoin checkouts with your business.



Build invoices with payment links and receive payment using your web browser or the API.


Blockchain Wallets

Connect your business to Bitcoin, Lightning, Litecoin, USDC, EURC, and Stellar.


Bank Connectivity

Link your SWIFT, SEPA, Brazilian PIX, and other bank accounts with blockchains.


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