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Add crypto payment options like Bitcoin, USDC, EURC, and Lightning to WordPress using Whalestack. Settle in fiat or stablecoin with ease

Integrate checkouts supporting Bitcoin, USDC, EURC, and Lightning, directly into your WordPress site. Leverage our unique bank payout feature, ensuring you can convert cryptocurrency payments into fiat or stablecoin with ease.

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Commercial Benefits

Elevate your WordPress site to new heights with seamless Bitcoin, Lightning, USDC, and EURC sales

Boost Sales and Revenue

Attract and retain a broader customer base within the thriving demographic of crypto and stablecoin enthusiasts who prefer cutting-edge payment methods.

Optimize Conversion Rates

Enhance customer satisfaction by optimizing conversion rates through the implementation of innovative payment methods tailored to specific buyer preferences.

Increase Shopping Cart Values

Capitalize on the opportunity presented by customers using crypto and stablecoins, who often demonstrate a propensity for larger shopping cart values.

Enhance Profit Margins

Boost your profit margins by leveraging the advantages of low transaction fees and the absence of chargebacks, enhancing financial stability and operational efficiency.

Global Reach from Day One

Enjoy built-in multi-currency support and seamless adaptability to diverse languages, ensuring a globally accessible and user-friendly shopping experience for your customers.

Financial Flexibility

Experience financial flexibility with quick and hassle-free access to your crypto and stablecoin earnings, allowing you to reinvest and grow your business at your own pace.

Key Features

Discover how Whalestack effortlessly enhances your WordPress store to achieve its goals

Accept Crypto and Stablecoin Payments

Instant Settlement in Your Preferred Currency

Access 50 Billing Currencies

Add a Payment Button Anywhere

No E-commerce System Required

Customize Text and Styles of the Payment Buttons

Set Product Prices in Your National Currency

Customize Checkout Page in Your Preferred Language

Translate the Plugin into Any Required Language

WordPress Plugin Installation

Get Started with Whalestack

to unlock the power of cryptocurrency payments for your website.

Install the Whalestack Plugin

Download the Whalestack plugin or find it in the WordPress plugin search on your website. Activate the plugin after successful installation.

Configure API Keys

Retrieve your API keys, and input them into the Whalestack WordPress crypto payment plugin settings. Then, save your changes to enable cryptocurrency payments for your site.

Add a Payment Button

Creating a New Button

To add a payment button, click on the Add payment button link in the Whalestack plugin sidebar menu. Provide a name and a JSON object for the new payment button.

To get started, simply copy the JSON example in the blue field and paste it into the white JSON object text area field. Then, customize the parameters according to your requirements. Refer to the API documentation for all possible parameters.

WordPress crypto payments plugin for website owners

Customize the button (optional): Enter a custom button text and custom CSS style class for the button.

Once you save your changes, you will be redirected to the payment buttons overview page, where you can find the generated [shortcode] for that button.

Embedding the Button Anywhere

Copy the [shortcode] and embed it anywhere on your WordPress website. Simply add a shortcode block in the post/page editor and paste the shortcode into it.

If you want to use the shortcode in a widget, ensure that you use a Text widget. Widgets like Custom HTML do not render shortcodes.

For more details on using shortcodes, please refer to this guide.


Global Settings

On the settings page, you can manage your API credentials and configure global settings. These global settings allow you to override specific JSON parameters in the payment charge object:

  • Return URL: Specifies where customers are redirected after a successful payment.
  • Cancel URL: Specifies where customers go if they choose to cancel the checkout process.
  • Webhook URL: A webhook URL on your server that listens for payment events.
  • Settlement Currency: The currency in which you receive your payments. If left empty, it defaults to the payment currency.

With the Required Customer Info field, you define your tax compliance level and connect a payment to a customer.

  • Minimal: Users must provide their first name, last name, and email. A customer is created in your Whalestack merchant account, and the payment is associated with it.
  • Compliant: Users must provide their first name, last name, email, and address data. A customer is created in your Whalestack merchant account, and the payment is associated with it. This level also automatically generates a tax-compliant invoice for each purchase.

The following screenshot illustrates how the minimal and compliant options are displayed to users:

WordPress plugin to accept crypto and Bitcoin payments


View all requests and responses to the Whalestack API on the logs page in your account. Useful for debugging purposes.


We recommend using the Poedit software for translation-related tasks. To translate the plugin into your language, follow these steps:

  • Download and install Poedit software.
  • Navigate to the plugins/whalestack/languages/ folder and copy the .pot file to your desktop for editing.
  • Open the .pot file and create a new translation for your language.
  • Translate all text strings.
  • Save your translations as a .po file. Make sure to follow the correct naming convention, e.g., for the German language: whalestack-de_DE.po.
  • Saving will automatically generate a whalestack-de_DE.mo file.
  • Copy the .po and .mo files into the plugins/whalestack/languages/ folder.

To translate the "Custom Button Text" of the payment button, you have two options:

  • If you leave it blank, the default Buy Now text is used and translated into any language for which you have a .po file. This is ideal for multilingual WordPress sites to ensure your button text matches the respective languages.
  • If you enter custom button text, it will only display in the language you entered. This is suitable for single-language sites.

Demo Checkout

Integrate Whalestack checkouts alongside traditional payment gateways or as standalone solution

Item Amount
PCI Graphics Card 199.00 EUR
Loyalty Discount (10.00 EUR)
Shipping and Handling (Non-Taxable) 10.00 EUR
Sales Tax (23 %) 43.47 EUR
Total 242.47 EUR
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Key Benefits

Capitalize on the advantages of the Whalestack payment solution

Integrate our crypto payment gateway to expand your customer base and increase revenue. Optimize conversion rates, boost shopping cart values, and enhance profit margins with innovative payment methods. Enjoy global reach and multilingual support, providing a user-friendly shopping experience.

Compliant Accounting

Benefit from exportable financial reports and accurate recording of cryptocurrency transactions in your base currency for enhanced financial transparency.

Risk Protection

Eliminate chargebacks entirely and profit from robust measures to shield your enterprise from the inherent fluctuations in cryptocurrency values, thereby ensuring an effective mitigation of financial risks.

Built-in Automation

Automate with webhooks and programmatically trigger actions based on lifecycle events like checkouts, deposits, transfers, swaps, and refunds.

Auditable Transactions

Efficiently gather and securely retain payment information across various payment methods, with the capability to seamlessly export this data at your convenience.

Assets and Networks

Integrate the most relevant, trusted, and robust crypto and stablecoin assets. Effortlessly exchange and transfer from and to your bank accounts

Crypto Assets
Bitcoin Bitcoin Lightning Lightning Sats Litecoin Litecoin Stellar Lumens Stellar Lumens
Bank Networks
BTC Bitcoin Lightning Lightning Litecoin Litecoin Stellar Stellar Network Ethereum Ethereum
List Assets


Capitalize on new payment transactions and empower your business with seamless blockchain integration


Integrate fully customizable cryptocurrency and stablecoin checkouts with your business.



Build invoices with payment links and receive payment using your web browser or the API.


Blockchain Wallets

Connect your business to Bitcoin, Lightning, Litecoin, USDC, EURC, and Stellar.


Bank Connectivity

Link your SWIFT, SEPA, Brazilian PIX, and other bank accounts with blockchains.


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