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Work with clients around the globe while effortlessly managing international payments

Experience the efficiency of blockchain-powered payments with Whalestack and say goodbye to complex payment gateways. Generate customized payment links and invoices in your client's preferred currency, and receive precisely the amount you deserve.

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Commercial Benefits

Unlock your professional potential on a global scale

Experience fast, cost-effective and stable international payments tailored precisely to your clients' preferences.

Work Globally

Accept payments from clients in multiple currencies. Our platform supports over 50 fiat currencies and a range of cryptocurrencies, providing your clients with the flexibility to pay you using their preferred payment method.

Get Paid What You Deserve

Opt for predictability in your earnings by settling payments in stablecoins instantly, eliminating currency volatility risks. Enjoy the added advantage of swift transactions and bypass costly cross-border bank transfers.

Enjoy Unparalleled Financial Inclusion

Profit from how Whalestack empowers freelancers in regions with limited banking infrastructure and provides seamless access to a robust global payment network, fostering equal opportunities and enabling economic growth for professionals worldwide.

Add Payment Links Anywhere

Create payment links and invoices in Whalestack's intuitive dashboard and seamlessly integrate them into various platforms such as freelancer portals like Fiverr or Upwork, accounting systems, workflow automation solutions, Wordpress, and more.

Product Benefits

Explore how Whalestack can help freelancers achieve their goals effortlessly

Localize Quickly

Benefit from built-in multi-currency support, and seamless adaptability to diverse languages, ensuring a globally accessible and user-friendly experience.

Eliminate Engineering Effort

Benefit from a ready-made UI-based payment solution designed to eliminate technical barriers and facilitate seamless integration.

Manage Assets Actively

Swiftly transition between cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat currencies, enabling real-time responses to market shifts.

Prevent Fraud

Profit from advanced prevention mechanisms, effectively safeguarding your business from unauthorized transactions and proactively preventing chargebacks.

Integrate On Any Device

Effortlessly integrate across online, mobile, and POS systems, supporting smooth payments via smartphones and tablets, considering the rise in mobile commerce.

Bridge Banking Gaps

Connect SWIFT, SEPA, and other bank accounts directly to diverse blockchain platforms, ensuring smooth financial transactions.

Commercial Benefits

Increase profitability at your online business

Maximize growth with a flexible payment platform that empowers you to lower costs, increase sales, and adapt quickly.

Capture More Revenue

Offer varied payment options to tap into crypto and stablecoin users, a rapidly growing market segment.

Expand Customer Base

Cater to a wider audience by integrating cryptocurrencies and stablecoins into your payment system.

Improve Cash Flow

Leverage fast transaction times, instant settlements and payouts, and avoid chargebacks to bolster your financial stability.

Reduce Cost of Payments

Achieve a substantial reduction in transaction fees of up to 85% compared to traditional payment methods.

Assets and Networks

Integrate the most relevant, trusted, and robust crypto and stablecoin assets. Effortlessly exchange and transfer from and to your bank accounts

Crypto Assets
Bitcoin Bitcoin Lightning Lightning Sats Litecoin Litecoin Stellar Lumens Stellar Lumens
Bank Networks
BTC Bitcoin Lightning Lightning Litecoin Litecoin Stellar Stellar Network Ethereum Ethereum
List Assets


Empower your business with a comprehensive toolkit for every payment need, merging traditional and blockchain transactions


Integrate fully customizable cryptocurrency and stablecoin checkouts with your business.



Build invoices with payment links and receive payment using your web browser or the API.


Blockchain Wallets

Connect your business to Bitcoin, Lightning, Litecoin, USDC, EURC, and Stellar.


Bank Connectivity

Link your SWIFT, SEPA, Brazilian PIX, and other bank accounts with blockchains.


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