Accept and Manage Bitcoin, Lightning, USDC, and EURC Payments at your Business, SaaS, or E-Commerce Shop

Boost your revenue and enhance customer experience. Integrate Bitcoin, Lightning, USDC, EURC, Stellar, and other payment methods. Effortlessly connect blockchains to your SEPA, SWIFT, and PIX bank accounts.

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Empower your business with a comprehensive toolkit for every payment need, merging traditional and blockchain transactions


Integrate fully customizable cryptocurrency and stablecoin checkouts with your business.



Build invoices with payment links and receive payment using your web browser or the API.


Blockchain Wallets

Connect your business to Bitcoin, Lightning, Litecoin, USDC, EURC, and Stellar.


Bank Connectivity

Link your SWIFT, SEPA, Brazilian PIX, and other bank accounts with blockchains.


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Other Businesses

Adopt a comprehensive suite of payment tools, merging traditional and blockchain transactions. Dive into effortless crypto, stablecoin and fiat swaps, comprehensive wallet solutions, as well as versatile bank and blockchain connectivity.


Assets and Networks

Integrate the most relevant, trusted, and robust crypto and stablecoin assets. Effortlessly exchange and transfer from and to your bank accounts

Crypto Assets
Bitcoin Bitcoin Lightning Lightning Sats Litecoin Litecoin Stellar Lumens Stellar Lumens
Bank Networks
BTC Bitcoin Lightning Lightning Litecoin Litecoin Stellar Stellar Network Ethereum Ethereum
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Why Businesses choose Whalestack

Low Transaction Fees

Blockchain transactions processed by Whalestack have lower fees compared to traditional payment methods.

No Chargebacks

Once a crypto transaction is confirmed, it cannot be reversed, eliminating the risks and costs associated with chargebacks.

New Customer Base

Accepting crypto can attract a tech-savvy customer base that prefers to transact in digital currencies.

Global Reach

Cryptocurrency and stablecoin transactions are permission-less and available to anyone, anywhere in the world, even the unbanked.

Commercial Benefits

Increase profitability at your online business

Maximize growth with a flexible payment platform that empowers you to lower costs, increase sales, and adapt quickly.

Capture More Revenue

Offer varied payment options to tap into crypto and stablecoin users, a rapidly growing market segment.

Expand Customer Base

Cater to a wider audience by integrating cryptocurrencies and stablecoins into your payment system.

Improve Cash Flow

Leverage fast transaction times, instant settlements and payouts, and avoid chargebacks to bolster your financial stability.

Reduce Cost of Payments

Achieve a substantial reduction in transaction fees of up to 85% compared to traditional payment methods.

E-Commerce Integrations

Streamline your online store with our optimized components for the leading E-Commerce platforms

Seamlessly merge Whalestack plugins with your E-Commerce checkout, introducing next-gen blockchain efficiency and unmatched security. Position your store at the forefront of digital commerce, delivering an unparalleled payment experience.

Find out how Whalestack can help your business drive more revenue and increase your bottom line.

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