How long do I have to wait until a payment is transferred?

Crypto Transfers

On the Bitcoin network, the average confirmation time for a BTC payment is roughly 10 minutes. However, transaction timings can vary greatly depending on the blockchain. Confirmation times are influenced by factors such as overall network activity, hash rate, and transaction fees. There will be a backlog of transactions in the Bitcoin mempool if the network is overcrowded.

Whalestack is part of the Stellar Network. For our clients, this means our payment gateway provides real-time currency conversion as well as instant transaction settlement.

To make a payment, customers select from a list of cryptocurrencies. Whalestack immediately exchanges/converts your money into the currency of your choice. The money is placed into your wallet or account.

Once a payment is executed, settlement on Stellar only seconds. If requested, funds are then forwarded to a different blockchain, e.g. Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Fiat Transfers

Whalestack supports global SWIFT, European SEPA, and a few local banking systems. Transfers typically take 24-48 hours to arrive in your bank account but actual settlement time may vary.

Last Update: Oct 2, 2023