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Oct 6, 2022

Meet COINQVEST at the Stellar Meridian Event in Rome from Oct 11-13

We'll be at Meridian in Rome, Stellar's 4th annual conference, from October 11th to 13th. Get in touch to connect, chat and learn how COINQVEST enables digital commerce companies and payment service providers to grow their business with cryptocurrency payment processing.

Meet COINQVEST at the Stellar Meridian Event in Rome from Oct 11-13

Stellar Meridian is the unique annual event that brings together the Stellar community, developers, founders, entrepreneurs, leaders from traditional and decentralized finance, and policymakers to share, learn, build, and engage about Stellar's open network for storing and moving money.

COINQVEST has been building an enterprise-level cryptocurrency payment processor on the Stellar blockchain since 2018 to enable companies getting paid in digital currencies like Bitcoin and stablecoins in a simple, risk-free, and compliant way.

The Meridian conference is a great opportunity for payment service providers, digital commerce merchants, fintechs, and payment professionals to find out how COINQVEST uses the Stellar blockchain and to see directly how businesses can embrace blockchain payment solutions through various levels of integration, from all-inclusive hosted checkouts to Brand Connect (hosted white-label solution) to our customizable and self-hosted white-label API.

Get in touch via:

Or check out the features of the COINQVEST platform and this case study for more details.

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