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May 28, 2020

Hosted Checkouts with COINQVEST - Cryptocurrency Payment Processing for Online Businesses and E-Commerce

Hosted checkouts are the easiest way of integrating with COINQVEST. This post explains how to create charges in your local currency and compliantly settle payments originating from the most popular blockchains. All through a responsive user interface interface for mobile phones and desktops.

Hosted Checkouts with COINQVEST - Cryptocurrency Payment Processing for Online Businesses and E-Commerce

Integrating an online business or e-commerce shop with COINQVEST is easy and customizable. Non-developers can issue ad-hoc payment requests through a web browser. Developers and online enterprises can create checkouts programmatically via the use of our APIs and SDKs.

Businesses with advanced requirements can build an entirely white-labeled payment experience under their own brand. Enterprises and developers that want to get started quickly can opt for hosted checkouts with a well-designed, responsive, payment interface on COINQVEST's servers.

All of these integration options enable merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments originating on the most popular blockchains, while getting paid, and settling in their local currency, keeping their accountants and tax authorities happy.

Creating Hosted Checkouts

Hosted checkouts are the easiest form of integrating with the COINQVEST platform. There are two ways of spinning up a hosted checkout page and sharing it with customers. We've published guides with convenient step-by-step instructions on how to make sales in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, XLM or any asset on the Stellar Network, and settle in a merchant's preferred fiat currency (e.g. USD, EUR, NGN, or CAD).

  1. For Non-Developers: This guide walks merchants through COINQVEST's browser-based ad-hoc cryptocurrency payments without programming.
  2. Developers and Enterprises: This guide walks owners through accepting cryptocurrency payments programmatically with minimal overhead.

Either of these methods creates a charge and produces a unique "checkout URL", which is shared with the customer to complete payment. The charge is associated with a specific customer to enable compliant reporting for financial audits, taxation, and general accounting purposes.

Receiving Payment via Hosted Checkout

Using the hosted checkout, customers can now pay in their favorite cryptocurrency. The COINQVEST checkout page calculates payment prices and presents a customer with all the information needed to complete the payment in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, XRP, Lumens, or any other asset on the Stellar Network. COINQVEST's hosted checkout UI is responsive and plays well with tiny phone screens and tablets, as well as large desktop monitors.

1. Customer Selects Payment Method

The hosted checkout page example below contains a charge for a t-shirt for $15.00. Added to that are the $2.99 taxable shipping and handling costs and a harmonized sales tax (HST) of 13%. It also grants the customer a loyalty discount of $0.50. The selected billing currency is Canadian Dollars.

COINQVEST automatically calculates the required payment price in each supported cryptocurrency needed to fill the total charge amount and credit the seller when the payment completes. The calculations are made in real-time against the market on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX). COINQVEST protects merchants from potential cryptocurrency price volatility and the merchant is guaranteed to receive the total charge amount.

A customer can switch devices during checkout by clicking the "Switch Device" link on the bottom left or opening the URL on a different device if needed.

2. Customer Receives Deposit Address

Once a customer selects and confirms his preferred payment method, we generate a deposit address on his blockchain. In the below example, the customer opted to pay in ETH on the Ethereum blockchain. He can copy the deposit address and payment amount and paste it into his wallet to complete payment. COINQVEST also generates a QR code to conveniently scan and import of the deposit address into his or her wallet application.

3. Customer Sends Crypto

Once a deposit address is displayed, we start monitoring the blockchain for inbound payments. The customer can monitor the payment process in real-time until the payment completes. Here, COINQVEST also protects against human error such as "too small or large deposit amounts" and helps customers remediate mistakes if needed. Our support is instantly available via the "Need Help" link on the checkout page.

Payment Completion and Invoice

Once we detect the payment on the chain, it is automatically converted into the settlement currency specified above and credited to the merchant's account. Both the seller and the customer automatically receive a payment notification (and an invoice) via email.

If the hosted checkout was created programmatically, an automated payment notification is sent to the merchant's web server for further processing, and the customer is redirected to the shop's confirmation page. An online shop or e-commerce site can query the status of a checkout using its unique identifier with the Merchant APIs.

Captured funds can be withdrawn using the "Withdraw" function in the corresponding wallet on the dashboard. Once a payment is completed, it instantly appears in the merchant's dashboard and can be inspected. The payment details include: information on the related charge and customer, the billing and settlement amounts, related blockchain transactions and accounts, as well as additional context information collected during the checkout.

A payment can be used to generate an invoice or refund, and exported by itself or batched with other settled payments in a given time period, e.g. a fiscal year.

Get Started

If you would like to start getting paid, please sign up for a merchant account and have a look out our guides for non-developers and programmers.

Hosted Checkout Demo Shop

You can test COINQVEST's hosted checkouts from a customer's perspective in our public demo shop.

We Love to Help!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us directly anytime.

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