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Sep 16, 2021

Feature Update: Automatically Accept and Process Underpaid Checkouts

COINQVEST now offers an account setting enabling you to automatically accept and process charges that were underpaid by your customer.

Feature Update: Automatically Accept and Process Underpaid Checkouts

One of the most frequently requested features by our merchants was the ability to automatically accept, process, and settle payments that were underpaid up to a certain threshold. We are happy to report this function can now be enabled in your account settings (Account Settings -> Payment Settings -> Settlement Settings).

Unlike credit card payments, where merchants provide the required payment amount and initiate a "pull" charge, cryptocurrency payments must be actively "pushed" by the buyer. During this process there can be situations in which a mistake is made (possibly from missing decimals or digit twists) or the buyer's custodial wallet (sadly) deducts some arbitrary fees. As a consequence, the payment amount received for your charge is lower than what was required.

By default, this triggers a mitigation process with COINQVEST, where both the buyer and seller are notified via UI, API webhooks, and notification emails about the underpaid charge, as well as given tools to mitigate the situation. A seller can manually accept underpaid charges at a discount, insist that the buyer paying the remaining amount, or send a full refund to the customer.

We were told with increasing regularity it can be a nuisance to go through the review process and manually resolve the situation. Therefore it is now possible to automatically settle underpaid charges up to a custom threshold amount. You can enable the feature in your account setting and configure a percentage (e.g. 98%) of the payment amount that you are willing to accept automatically. Payments above that threshold will be automatically processed and settled into your account, while payments below the threshold will still behave as previously with the notification and mitigation process described above.

We hope this makes your life easier. Please let us know anytime if you have questions or if there is anything else that we can assist you with.

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Marcin Olszowy
Marcin Olszowy Co-Founder