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May 23, 2020

COINQVEST Wins the 4th Round of the Stellar Community Fund

COINQVEST is ecstatic to announce bringing home top prize in the 4th round of the Stellar Community Fund! We're humbled by the support of the Stellar community and everyone who voted for us to bring compliant cryptocurrency payment processing to online merchants everywhere.

COINQVEST Wins the 4th Round of the Stellar Community Fund

The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) is a competition for developers and entrepreneurs to showcase their projects and a great driver of innovation for creatives to imagine and execute applications on the Stellar Network. The projects participating in this round ranged from a music market to an asset issuer and market maker to exchanges. The diversity of ideas illustrates the flexibility of the Stellar network to host all forms of value and exist as a viable blockchain ecosystem.

We would like to thank the Stellar Development Foundation for their hard work in bringing programmable money to reality and creating the SCF. Their mission, to be an equitable financial link connecting the world, has inspired change in an antiquated industry. The SCF thrusts these ideas into the light.

Our team would also like to congratulate the other entries and finalists in this round. We understand the challenges posed to take an idea and develop it into a workable concept, and have it picked apart:

Place Project Name % of Votes XLM Award
1. COINQVEST 21.1838% 635,514 XLM
2. Papaya 17.4455% 523,364 XLM
3. Stellot 14.0187% 420,560 XLM
4. SendIt 12.1495% 364,485 XLM
5. Stellar Tip 11.8380% 355,140 XLM
6. SDK for Stellar Qt 8.0997% 242,990 XLM
7. NiceTrade 7.7882% 233,644 XLM
8. Lumenscan 7.4766% 224,299 XLM

To be a part of the SCF and share what we are working on is a reward by itself. Preparing for this funding round urged us to fine-tune and improve our platform for voters to test and critique. It also challenged us to answer questions the community would have about functionality and logistics of our product. The feedback we received is key to our ongoing improvement.

Winning is a bonus. It feels great, but more importantly, it will bring exposure to our platform and help us to continue to develop the best product we can. Having the strongest finish of any project since the inception of SCF also signifies we are on the right track and our service is endorsed by the Stellar community.

If you have a fin-tech idea, an inking of a concept, that could fill an unmet need or improve on an existing one, get some good people together and work on it. The Stellar Network thrives when tech and finance enthusiasts have novel ideas and implement them.

Check the Stellar Community Fund page. The next competition starts on May 25th, 2020, but they happen quarterly, so if you aren’t ready for the upcoming round, there will be another in three months.

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Randall Wong
Randall Wong Head of Content