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Nov 12, 2021

COINQVEST Featured at Meridian Conference 2021 Demo Showcase

For this year, COINQVEST has been selected as one of the few innovative Fintech products to be showcased at Meridian Conference 2021.

COINQVEST Featured at Meridian Conference 2021 Demo Showcase

To watch our video: Here’s the link to the page:

About Meridian Conference 2021 - November 17-18, 2021

To connect global financial infrastructure, we need to build a strong foundation at the ground level. Local and regional efforts may start by addressing the challenges closest to them, but with the right infrastructure, these solutions can also scale worldwide.

Meridian 2021 will serve as a forum for experts in finance, policy, and technology from within and beyond the Stellar community to discuss exciting developments on the network and in the broader industry.

This event is virtual and free for everyone.

Register Here:

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Martin Dominic Banguis
Martin Dominic Banguis Contributor