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Whalestack Leads the Charge in Elevating European Business with EURC Stablecoin Payments

In the world of stablecoins, USD-pegged tokens often dominate the conversation. Yet, an equally exciting story is unfolding with EUR stablecoins – a narrative that Whalestack is actively shaping.

Introducing Whalestack. Elevating Your Business with Digital Currency Payments

Embrace the future of cryptocurrency payment processing with Whalestack: the transformative evolution of COINQVEST. Discover how our rebrand and progressive features like multi-currency checkouts, seamless on- and off-ramps, Bitcoin Lightning, USDC, and EURC support are set to redefine seamless digital transactions for businesses worldwide.

Meet COINQVEST at Money20/20 in Amsterdam from 06-08 June 2023

We are looking forward to reconnect with partners and friends, meet new clients and explore cooperations. Get in touch to get the latest news and advancements of the COINQVEST blockchain and stablecoin payments processing infrastructure, newly introduced product features, and upcoming exciting releases.

Cryptocurrency Payments: These Are The Major Businesses That Accept Digital Currencies As Payment. **Jan 2023 UPDATE**

Much has changed in the world since we last posted about companies that accept cryptocurrencies for their goods and services.

Introducing COINQVEST's Tier 1 Bitcoin and Litecoin SEP-6 Transfer Service on the Stellar Network

The first enterprise grade Tier-1 SEP-6 transfer service for Bitcoin and Litecoin tokenization and detokenization on Stellar. Access it programmatically or make deposits and withdrawals using our public web interface.

Meet COINQVEST at the Stellar Meridian Event in Rome from Oct 11-13

We'll be at Meridian in Rome, Stellar's 4th annual conference, from October 11th to 13th. Get in touch to connect, chat and learn how COINQVEST enables digital commerce companies and payment service providers to grow their business with cryptocurrency payment processing.

How to Accept Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Payments with COINQVEST for PrestaShop

This guide teaches you in a few simple steps how to easily accept Bitcoin, Ether, Stellar Lumens, or other cryptocurrencies on your PrestaShop website and automatically settle in your national currency. The PrestaShop module is also available as a white-label option for crypto payment processing.

Meet the COINQVEST Team at Money20/20 in Amsterdam from June 7th to 9th

Meet us at the leading fintech event Money20/20 in Amsterdam at Booth F10 in Hall 7 to learn more about how COINQVEST enables companies to thrive in the Web3 economy and helps them grow their business with cryptocurrency payment processing.

How To Pay With Cryptocurrencies in a COINQVEST-powered Store

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to pay cryptocurrencies in a COINQVEST-powered online store.

Customize Your Hosted Checkout Page with COINQVEST Brand Connect

Learn how to use Brand Connect to design your Checkout Page to best suit your brand and provide a seamless and consistent payment experience for your customers.

A Guide to White-Label Crypto Payment Processing with Brand Connect

This guide walks you through the steps to set up a fully white-labeled cryptocurrency payment flow for payment service providers or digital commerce companies.

Meet the COINQVEST Team at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit from April 13th-14th

Let's meet in Paris and discuss how COINQVEST can help companies extend their payment infrastructure with cryptocurrency checkouts.

Cryptocurrency Can Help Your Business Grow in 4 Ways Other Than Payment Processing

With Bitcoin reaching all-time highs and trending in the news, entrepreneurs have begun to worry if failing to use the cryptocurrency as a payment method could result in wasted opportunity, perhaps jeopardizing their medium- and long-term business growth.

Blockchain Trends That You Should Watch for 2022

2022 is certainly looking bright for blockchain developments and other cryptocurrency projects.

Industries That Will Benefit From Cryptocurrency Adoption

Leading food companies like Nestle and Walmart have already implemented cryptocurrency and allow customers to purchase their products using Bitcoin. Real estate, automotive, healthcare, gambling, and advertising are just a few of the businesses that have adopted Bitcoin and blockchain. What other industries will benefit? 

What is in store for Cryptocurrencies in 2022

With a groundbreaking year in 2021, what do we expect in 2022?

What Is The Difference Between Cryptocurrency Wallet and Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Confused about these words? In this blog post, we'll discuss what's the difference between the crypto wallet and the crypto payment gateway. Read on to find out.

Cryptocurrency Trends That You Should Know in 2022

Know the upcoming cryptocurrency trends for 2022

COINQVEST Featured at Meridian Conference 2021 Demo Showcase

For this year, COINQVEST has been selected as one of the few innovative Fintech products to be showcased at Meridian Conference 2021.

How To Solve the Volatility Problem in Crypto Payments?

Crypto payments are making a big splash as businesses realize the rapidly rising potential of digital assets. As of now, more than 20 000 businesses globally accept Bitcoin payments, including such behemoths as Microsoft, Starbucks, Tesla, and Xiaomi. Corporations recruit professionals to join the trend, but there is a limiting factor that holds the industry at a standstill. Crypto volatility is one of the most common concerns of new businesses entering the industry.

The Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency Payments for Merchants

As the number of global online payments continues to expand, an increasing number of businesses are looking to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment.

Who Adopted Crypto Payments in 2021

The year 2021 has been a pivotal year for cryptocurrency performance and adoption. We believe that crypto payment acceptance is still in its early stages and that it will increase significantly in the future years. In this blog post, we will look at some of the prominent companies that have embraced crypto payments.

Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales During The Holiday Season in 2021

Consider these tips to boost your site's conversions for a profitable holiday season

Navigating Cryptocurrency: 10 Must-Know Answers for Every CFO

Should your company start using cryptocurrency, and if so, how? Here are 10 compelling questions and answers that every CFO should consider when looking into cryptocurrency.

The Advantages of Offering Multiple Cryptocurrency Payment Options

Using multiple payment gateways allows you to offer support for the variety of payment methods, while enabling customers to pay in their preferred currency. It makes your business flexible and scalable. It is also highly beneficial for growing businesses expanding globally.

Are You Considering to Add a Blockchain-based Payment System?

Whether you've embraced it or remain skeptical, cryptocurrency has permeated the mainstream and extends beyond the realm of day traders and tech aficionados. Numerous e-commerce platforms are now weaving cryptocurrency into their operations or leveraging it for customer transactions. The question is: should your business follow suit?

What Effects Do Payment Gateways Have on Customer Experience?

The payment system is a vital component of providing a quality experience to your online clients. It aids in the establishment of strong customer relationships and opens the door to business advancements. Billing alternatives that are both convenient and versatile improve the user experience.

How Ecommerce Will Be Revolutionized by Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is gaining critical acclaim in the e-commerce industry as it becomes a driving force in the global economy. E-commerce is one of the areas where blockchain technology is increasingly being used to facilitate financial transactions.

How Freelancers and Entrepreneurs can Start Accepting Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Stellar Lumens

A small business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur might consider accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for a variety of reasons.

Why Should You Provide Your Customers With A Variety of Payment Options?

Consumers expect experiences that are faster, simpler, and more seamless than ever before, especially when it comes to online shopping, as we enter an ultra-connected era. This is why it's critical to provide a variety of payment options.

Cryptocurrency Payments: These Are The Major Businesses That Accept Digital Currencies As Payment.

A growing number of businesses across a wide range of industries - from big tech to airlines - are embracing cryptocurrencies and allowing customers to pay for their goods and services using them. In this post, we share some of the major companies that have accepted cryptocurrency payments.

Using Cryptocurrency and E-commerce to Expand Your Business

Cryptocurrency is being accepted by an increasing number of small businesses. Getting started may be daunting at first, but COINQVEST is here to help you along the way.

10 Simple Steps To Doubling Your Online Store's Conversion Rate

Let's look at 10 effective ways to boost your e-commerce site's conversion rate to go above and beyond average.

Cryptocurrency Explained: Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar is a decentralized protocol on open-source code to transfer digital currency to fiat money domestically and across borders. The Stellar blockchain's cryptocurrency is called the lumen, a token that trades under the symbol XLM.

The Top 3 E-commerce Website Builders That Accept Cryptocurrency

With numerous e-commerce website builder platforms in the market today, choosing the right one is daunting. How about accepting cryptocurrency payments? To make your decision easier, we’ve rounded up the top 3 e-commerce drag and drop platform builders that will get you started.

The Advantages of Using Hosted Checkouts

A hosted checkout page, which is essentially a checkout web form that is developed, maintained, and hosted by a payment facilitator, is one of the most common ways to accept payments for an online business. Using a hosted checkout page is thought to be simple, quick, and secure. 

Feature Update: Automatically Accept and Process Underpaid Checkouts

COINQVEST now offers an account setting enabling you to automatically accept and process charges that were underpaid by your customer.

How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments as a Freelancer

COINQVEST allows freelancers and remote workers to send and receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world.

What to Consider When Choosing a Payment Gateway for Your E-Commerce Store

When starting an e-commerce business, careful attention must be paid to processing online payments, to meet user needs, provide security,  and maintain a viable cash flow. Knowing your payment options will help you determine the online tools your company requires.

COINQVEST Hosted Checkouts Now Offer 50 Fiat Settlements

Our goal is to provide new features and functionality via a fast and reliable updated experiences to help keep organizations productive and scalable. Today we share details on our latest feature update.

The Basics of Cryptocurrency Payments

If you're reading this article, it stands to reason you already have some practical knowledge and experience of what cryptocurrencies are, or at least have heard of them in the news. Investing, speculating, mining, hoarding. These are just a few terms bandied about when there is talk of cryptocurrencies.

Why E-commerce Stores Should Accept Cryptocurrency

Are you interested in learning why you should accept cryptocurrency payments? In this post, you’ll learn what cryptocurrency is, why it's becoming more popular as a consumer payment option, and how to receive crypto payments on your website.

COINQVEST Receives 0.5M USD as Equity-Free Grant through the Stellar Seed Fund

COINQVEST is ecstatic to announce bringing home top prize in the inaugural round of the Stellar Seed Fund. We're humbled by the support of the Stellar community and everyone who voted for us to bring compliant cryptocurrency payment processing to online businesses everywhere.

Auditable Multi-Currency Statements and Balance Sheets with COINQVEST

How COINQVEST helps your business to get paid and build and maintain multi-currency balance sheets and statements for your accountants, third-party auditors, and tax authorities.

Ecosystem Panel @ Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator: Plug in to the World of Stellar Assets

On May 4th at 10 AM PT, the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is hosting a panel discussion moderated by Justin Rice, VP of Ecosystem at the Stellar Development Foundation, and joined by a panel of key ecosystem players (including COINQVEST) as they explore assets on Stellar.

COINQVEST and Anclap Introduce Inflation Free Digital Currency Payment Processing For Argentina

COINQVEST announces partnership with Argentinian financial service provider Anclap for processing enterprise cryptocurrency payments with inflation-free settlement in USD or directly into Argentine Peso.

COINQVEST is now a Licensed and Regulated Virtual Currency Service in the EU

COINQVEST today announced approval of its application for the European Union Virtual Currency Service Provider License from the Estonian Government.

USDC is now Available as Settlement and Payment Option for Online Businesses on COINQVEST

We're pleased to announce that, as of today, one of the most trusted stablecoins, USDC by Centre, is available as settlement option for COINQVEST enabled online shops and businesses.

COINQVEST Partners with nTokens to Bring Enterprise Cryptocurrency Payment Processing to Brazil

COINQVEST announced its collaboration with Brazilian digital currency provider nTokens to offer its enterprise cryptocurrency processing platform, bringing the power of blockchain-based payment processing to businesses and markets in Brazil.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Payment Refunds with COINQVEST

Unlike traditional online payment methods (such as credit card charges or PayPal), cryptocurrency payments are irreversible by design. The merchant has final authority over refunds and decides which transactions are eligible to be rolled back. This blog post explains how we implemented refund handling on the COINQVEST platform.

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