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How to accept Litecoin (LTC) payments with NodeJS

Over the last decade, the way we can receive value over the internet has dramatically shifted from traditional payments to programmable money. Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin have emerged and can be embedded into online shops or e-commerce sites to receive customer payments.

In its simplest form, all that is needed to receive Litecoin (LTC) payments in NodeJS is to display a Litecoin address to the customer. Albeit outside of the scope of this document, it is easy to create a Litecoin address programmatically and obtain control of the private key. This is a good starting point if you are a NodeJS developer and wish to create your own Litecoin address.

This simple type of Litecoin payment integration is suitable for anonymous donations, but requires a lot of additional overhead to make it play well with accounting systems, compliance, and regulatory requirements. Connecting them with customer information and monitoring the Litecoin Network to detect the correct payment transaction and mark the sale as completed, introduce plenty of additional complexity in NodeJS.

Fortunately, Whalestack provides a suite of APIs and a convenient NodeJS software development kit (SDK) for online merchants and e-commerce site who wish to accept Litecoin payments. Using Whalestack, it is no longer necessary to continuously monitor various blockchains for payment transactions. Whalestack creates cryptocurrency payment transactions on your behalf and automatically notifies you once the payment has been settled.

Read our SDK guide and learn how to accept Litecoin payments with this tutorial.

Creating a Litecoin payment request is as simple as firing the below API request using the NodeJS SDK.

let response = await client.post('/checkout/hosted', {
        billingCurrency: 'EUR', // specifies the billing currency
        lineItems: [{ // a list of line items included in this charge
            description: 'PCI Graphics Card',
            netAmount: 169.99,
            quantity: 1
        shippingCostItems: [], // an optional list of shipping and handling costs
        taxItems: []
    settlementAsset: 'USDC:GA5ZSEJYB37JRC5AVCIA5MOP4RHTM335X2KGX3IHOJAPP5RE34K4KZVN' // your settlement asset as given by GET /assets (or ORIGIN to omit conversion)

The API request returns a list of cryptocurrency payment methods and deposit addresses, including Litecoin. These can be displayed back to a customer to complete payment.

Moreover, the Whalestack platform provides built-in business accounting tools, invoicing and customer management. Most importantly, payments in Litecoin can automatically be settled in your national fiat currency and withdrawn directly into your bank account. Inspect our NodeJS SDK on GitHub to get started.

Last Update: Oct 2, 2023

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