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Nov 5, 2021

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Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales During The Holiday Season in 2021

Consider these tips to boost your site's conversions for a profitable holiday season

Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales During The Holiday Season in 2021

During the pandemic, ecommerce expanded by a whopping 33.6 percent in 2020, amounting to approximately $800 billion. It is easy to realize that it was a result of the sudden closing of stores.

As a result, many people are skeptical about the expansion of internet commerce after the pandemic, when storefronts reopen. Marketers, on the other hand, are optimistic, projecting an additional 13.7 percent growth in e-commerce in 2021.

Because holiday sales are at their peak, it's time to get ready and plan your conversion optimization efforts.

Here are five strategies for increasing conversion during the Holiday season of 2021:

1- Emphasize On Page Speed

Customers like to conduct business with a company that makes their buying experience quick and easy.

They expect an ecommerce website to meet their demands when they connect with it. If it does not, customers will choose to shop at other e-commerce sites, resulting in a higher bounce rate and increased cart abandonment. According to study, 57 percent of your clients will leave your store if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

As a result, ensure that your site loads faster despite dealing with high traffic and frequent transactions, especially during holidays when traffic is at its highest.

Here are a few tried-and-true methods for increasing the speed of your ecommerce site:

  • Use Google's PageSpeed Insights to gain an overview of your site's speed and identify issues that need to be addressed. It's worth noting that Google prioritizes loading times on mobile.

  • To minimize website load time, use a CDN.

  • To avoid needless database access, use caching and in-memory technology.

  • Reduce the size of data transmitted to a browser by using compression software.

  • To boost speed, optimize the available settings in the ecommerce platform.

2- Leverage AI/ML To Hyper-Personalize Customer Experience

Given the increasing competition in the ecommerce market during the holiday season, you require a technologically advanced and result-oriented solution to enhance conversion on your site.

Many online store owners are leveraging AI to increase holiday season conversions by providing customers with a highly tailored experience.

AI-powered customization technology can accurately forecast what clients are likely to be interested in. It recognizes the product's interaction with the customer, as though a real live salesperson is assisting them in navigating the store.

You will be able to recommend the exact things your consumers are looking for, as well as provide them clever upsell and cross-sell suggestions that are more likely to sell, by employing AI-powered personalisation capabilities. As a result, you will experience a rise in conversions.

You can utilize AI and machine learning-based solutions like Dialogue, which uses smart widgets to display tailored messages and recommendations to customers throughout their purchasing process.

The AI-powered personalisation technique, on the other hand, is not confined to product recommendations. There are a lot of other advantages as well, such as:

  • As chat agents, use AI-powered chatbots to provide individualized recommendations during the purchasing process.

  • Individual payment processing and order processing.

  • Show a faster search for related products using images or picture uploads.

As a result, it provides a highly personalized customer experience suited to each individual consumer.

With such excellent features, ecommerce customization will be a game changer this holiday season.

3- Create A Sense Of Urgency

It is difficult to attract customers' attention during the holiday season, when everyone else in the market is offering enticing discounts and deals.

Creating a sense of urgency is a potent approach to promote sales by making customers feel as if they are going to miss out on a fantastic opportunity. It is a technique for instilling the fear of losing out.

Here's how you can make this trick work:

  • Make a special deal on popular items. People will express an interest in things that they are already looking for.

  • The promotion is only available for a short time. To generate time pressure, use a countdown timer on your website.

  • Demonstrate product scarcity. Make it appear as if specific things on sale are about to run out. People will feel compelled to purchase the thing before someone else does.

  • Use engaging words. You should think about employing terms like now, hurry, one last time, clearance, before it's gone, limited time deal, and so on.

  • Provide an additional incentive. To encourage your first ten buyers to act quickly, you can provide free shipping for a limited time or a free surprise present.

This method works well when applied on a limited basis or around holidays; otherwise, your potential clients may not take your offers seriously.

4- Retarget Bounced Traffic/Abandoned Cart Owners

Not every visitor to your website will convert on their first visit. 97 percent of consumers who visit a website for the first time do not make a purchase. This is especially true around the holidays, when shoppers are constantly on the lookout for better deals and product variety.

Surprisingly, it is not a loss, but rather a chance to convert them. Because you now know who is interested in your product or service, you can retarget them more effectively.

Retargeting allows you to show advertising to potential customers based on their search and purchase behavior on your site. Here are some excellent retargeting methods to employ throughout the holiday season:

  • Retargeting based on pixels. You provide your adverts to anonymous website visitors depending on their previous behaviors on your site. When someone visits particular pages on your website, the information of the visitor is saved in the form of browser cookies.

  • Retargeting on social media. You show advertising to those who have visited your website and/or interacted with your social media posts. Likes, comments, or shares are all possibilities.

  • Retargeting using a list. Using platforms like MailChimp, you distribute your adverts to visitors' or customers' email addresses on your current mailing list.

  • Retargeting through search engines. You serve adverts to visitors depending on their search history.

These retargeting methods will assist you in driving high-quality traffic to your website and encouraging further conversions throughout the holidays.

5- Optimize Checkout Process

All of your efforts to bring customers to your site and have them make purchases should not be in vain due to a poor checkout experience.

To ensure that the buyer completes their purchase and returns to your store, you must make the transaction extremely simple.

Avoid every point of friction between shopping and checkout. Here are a few excellent ways to do this:

  • Describe what to expect during the checkout process. Mention each checkout criteria on the previous page to avoid visitor confusion and surprises.

  • Show a progress bar. Prospects would be able to see where they are in the checkout process and how far they are from the final step if they used the bar.

  • Don't need customers to register before they can check out. It is a kind of friction. For a more seamless experience, offer the option of guest checkout and then ask them to register once they have completed the process.

  • Don't compromise on security. To avoid client data risk, use HTTPS, collaborate with a reliable payment gateway, and adhere to best practices while securing your store.

  • Avoid unexpected shipping costs. Whether shipping is free or paid, make it obvious on the product page. If the cost is variable, you can include a zip code/shipping calculator.

  • Offer a variety of payment methods. When prospects are most inclined to quit their carts, limited payment options are a major source of friction. As a result, offer as many payment methods as possible including a Bitcoin payment option.

By delivering a seamless checkout procedure, you establish a comfortable zone for your clients and allow them to leave your site with a positive experience.


The holiday season is a great time to increase your sales and earnings. Given the market competitiveness, it becomes critical to take the appropriate actions to increase conversion.

Use the tactics listed above, or a mix of them, to produce more traffic with a higher conversion rate. Remember that each firm and its demands are unique, so deploy and test the modifications accordingly.

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