How do I send an invoice from my Whalestack account?

This post will show you how to generate an invoice using a hosted checkout page that has all of the information your customer needs to make a payment in his or her preferred cryptocurrency.

The first step in getting paid is deciding which currency to bill your customer in. This "billing currency" shows on invoices, receipts, and your transaction history and is utilized for customer-facing payment price computations. The billing currency is also your settlement currency by default, which means you're credited in the currency you bill your client in, regardless of the cryptocurrency your customer uses.

  1. Request Payment

On the left side of your dashboard, select your billing currency, then click "Request Payment."

When you click the "Request Payment" button, a window overlay appears on your screen. This window provides an interface for quickly entering all charge data, such as line items with product descriptions, quantities, and product IDs, shipping and handling fees, potential discounts, and applicable tax items.

  1. Create Charge

The "Charge Summary" refreshes as you input and corresponds to what the consumer sees on the checkout page and invoice.

  1. Specify Customer

After you've created your charge, click the "Next" button to associate it with a customer. This is required in order to create invoices, payment receipts, and transaction reports for your accountants, auditors, and tax authorities. The basic requirement is your customer's email address.

However, we recommend that you include your name and billing address as well. Once defined, customer information can be reused in future charges. Typing in the email address field, existing client accounts should appear with their related information.

  1. Review And Submit

In this final step, double check the information you already provided for your charge and customer. If everything is in order, please submit the form.

You'll be given a unique payment link/URL to share with your consumer in order for him or her to finish payment.

Last Update: Oct 2, 2023